Bike Trails in Autumn and During a Pandemic

With Autumn comes shorter days and time changes.  I prefer to refer to October and November as “Autumn” because it takes the edge off of the cold and wet riding conditions of “Fall.”  “Autumn” also invokes imagery of beautifully changing leaves, clear sunny skies, crisp air, apples (or pumpkins), and truly epic rides where you enjoy a long ride without thinking about a race around the corner, worry about checking off an interval workout or checking your watts.  Stated plainly, riding in Autumn is just fun.

Shorter riding windows have a tendency to force some riders onto the relative “safety” of bike trails.  Well, the last two years have redefined safety in all circumstances as we deal with a global Pandemic that affects us as both regular citizens and as cyclists.  I found this Rails-to-Trails video that gives you some insights into how those charged with the care and maintenance of our bike trails during a Pandemic:

Some time ago I wrote about the differences and similarities of riding on Kentucky and Ohio bike trails.  It might be worth a review as you venture back onto bike trails this time of year:

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