Episode 14 of Pedaling Squares, Metta Endurance Returns!

Join me for another conversation with Holly Brenner and Michael Seiler of Metta Endurance in Episode 14 of Pedaling Squares Through a MAMIL’s Life.  After Episode 13 Holly and Michael reached out to me and asked if I would give them some insights into their coaching methodologies.  I spent a lengthy intake session with each Coach and offered to give them my feedback.

There was no script going into Episode 14.  I turned the Podcast over to Holly and Micheal to pick my brain on their coaching approaches.  Without giving too much away, Metta Endurance does coaching differently.  As will hopefully become evident in our conversation, Metta Endurance starts with what is going on between the athlete’s ears before building a training plan for their clients.  Their approach to coaching is novel and stands out in a landscape of “canned” or one-size-fits-all coaching programs.

Please watch and/or listen to learn more!

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