KRS § 189.289 - Operation of electric low-speed scooter on highway, bicycle lane, or bicycle path

(1) A person sixteen (16) years of age or older, may operate an electric low-speed scooter on a highway, bicycle lane, or bicycle path.

(2) A person operating an electric low-speed scooter under this section shall be subject to traffic regulations outlined in this chapter, and the provisions of KRS 189.520.

(3) An electric low-speed scooter shall be equipped with and shall have illuminated, at least one (1) headlamp and at least one (1) rear red light when:

(a) Operated during the period from one-half ( ½ ) hour after sunset to one-half ( ½ ) hour before sunrise; or

(b) At such other times as atmospheric conditions render visibility as low as or lower than is ordinarily the case during that period.

(4) An electric low-speed scooter may be parked on a sidewalk in a manner that does not impede the reasonable movement of pedestrian or any other traffic.

(5) An operator of an electric low-speed scooter and any company or entity that provides electric low-speed scooters for rental, shall comply with all local government ordinances.

(6) The Transportation Cabinet shall promulgate administrative regulations pursuant to KRS Chapter 13A to establish safe operating standards for electric low-speed scooters. Administrative regulations established under this section shall not include any equipment or helmet use requirements.

HISTORY: 2019 c 22, § 4, eff. 6-27-19