KRS § 189.830 - Use of emblem of reflective tape restricted; exemption from requirement

(1) The slow-moving vehicle emblem shall be restricted to the uses specified herein and the use on any other type of vehicle or on other objects is prohibited.

(2) The slow-moving vehicle emblem shall not be required on trailers or other drawn vehicles which do not obstruct the slow-moving vehicle emblem required on the towing vehicle.

(3) Highway construction or maintenance vehicles and public utility vehicles shall not require slow-moving vehicle emblems when being guarded by flagmen or flares.

(4) The use of slow-moving vehicle emblems or alternative reflective tape, as required under KRS 189.820, shall be in addition to any other reflective or lighting devices required by law.

(5) The slow-moving vehicle emblem shall not be used on a bicycle.

HISTORY: 2012 c 53, § 3, eff. 4-11-12; 1974 c 101, § 6, eff. 6-21-74; 1970 c 45, § 3