Episode 13 of Pedaling Squares with Metta Endurance

I was familiar with the Rogue Racing Project for years.  I generally knew about Micheal Seiler because he was the evil genius behind a novel brand of bike racing team.  So, when I hung a shingle and got on Instagram for “marketing reasons” I followed him as “bike.zen.”  From there I started following him and Holly Brenner on Instagram at “mettaendurance” which is their coaching business.  You can find Metta Endurance here on the web and here on Facebook.

And then a strange thing happened, I saw Michael in the wild and nowhere near his home base in Kentucky.  I was warming up on a trainer in a parking lot at Acrisure Stadium (aka Heinz Field) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a time trial and was pretty sure his in-person appearance matched his Insta-appearance, but he was not kitted up.  Instead, he had an athlete that was apparently racing the same event and warming him up.  I didn’t want to fumble an introduction just in case I had the wrong guy, so I left him well enough alone.

Why am I sharing this story with you?  Because as I sat on my trainer, I was struck by this thought:  If I am right, and that person is in fact Micheal (he sure looks like him), he drove over eight hours and spent two nights away from home just to get his athlete ready to race!  So this guy was either the Real Micheal Seiler who was investing a large chunk of his week in one of his athletes or Micheal had a doppelganger.  If he was the real deal, I was impressed with the investment of time and energy he placed in his coaching business.

In the end, Michael did not have a doppelganger.  I found him after the race and introduced myself, confirming that I was not crazy, and invited him and Holly onto the podcast.  Micheal and Holly graciously accepted my offer and we talked for over an hour about their coaching business, how it started, where it is going, and how it is different.

If my anecdote about Micheal is any indicator, Metta Endurance is different.  So tune in for an hour and learn how!