About Chris Carville, Kentucky's Bike Lawyer

Cycling is second to only his wife, Jean, and his four children in his life.  Chris is not a lawyer who learns about cycling from the outside only after an attorney-client relationship is formed.  Representing injured cyclists is a Passion Project for Chris where he can put over twenty years legal experience and tens of thousands of miles of training and racing to use for his clients. As of the inception of his firm Chris only represents injured cyclists. Prior to that he had litigated both sides of cycling and pedestrian accident cases. With almost a decade of experience running a House Counsel Office for a large regional insurer, he understands how insurance companies think and how they operate from the inside. With over thirty years (and counting!) of training and racing all forms of bikes he understands cyclists and the cycling community from the inside.  Chris rides and races for Biowheels Racing Club, Queen City Wheels, and ELIEL Factory Team.

Chris can relate to your crash as he has unfortunately been on the losing end of car and bike accidents. His wife is no stranger to an Emergency Department’s Waiting Room.

Chris litigates bicycle accident cases in both Ohio and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Chris takes a very collaborative approach to representing injured cyclists, enlisting the expertise of treating physicians, therapists, and chiropractors.  Where necessary, he enlists the aid of independent expert physicians, economists, and vocational experts.  Chris also collaborates with one of the most experienced cycling accident lawyers in the Region, Steve Magas, of the Magas Firm on his Ohio cases.

You can follow Chris’ training and cycling adventures on Strava and Instagram. You can follow Chris’ legal work and advocacy on Facebook.